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all art welcome
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:target: My Social Medias :target:

Skype: deiscanseisei ( I do not accept everybody )

:target: My Personal Achievements :target:

Getting noticed by two members of Hollywood Undead: Johnny 3 Tears and Da Kurlzz.
Getting noticed by three members of Mushroomhead: Diablo, St1tch and Jeffrey Nothing.
Getting noticed by one member of Motionless In White: Devin ''Ghost'' Sola.
Getting noticed by one member of Slipknot: Sid Wilson (#0).
Getting noticed by two of my inspiration: Drac Makens and AJ Good.
Getting noticed by the band ChuggaBoom!.

:target: My Top 10 Inspirations :target:
01- Buckethead (Musician)
02- Jeffree Star (Makeup Artist)
03- AJ Good (Mask Collector)
04- Rick Thomas (Musician)
05- Sid Wilson (Musician)
06- Corey Taylor (Musician)
07- Devin Sola (Musician)
08- Drac Makens (Makeup Artist)
09- It's Black Friday (Youtuber)
10- Da Kurlzz (Musician)

:target: My Top 10 Bands :target:
01- Slipknot
02- Mushroomhead
03- Buckethead
04- VentanA
05- Carach Angren
06- Motionless In White
07- Hollywood Undead
08- Ghost B.C
09- Marilyn Manson
10- ChuggaBoom!


Run Run Run Run, I'm Here! (a) :iconneo4444:neo4444 3 0 Aaaaand you die. :iconneo4444:neo4444 1 0 open collab . conforting :icons3np4i--4na:s3np4i--4na 13 1 Dr Edward Thawne 's human form :iconunknown72949:Unknown72949 4 15
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Devious Journal Entry
Hello guys! :) (Smile) 
I would really appreciate if you followed my alternate account, pastel-sakuras Heart 
I post anime and music reviews :eager: by darkmoon3636 
I also draw traditional art and post it there! w00t! 
So, follow :iconpastel-sakuras: today!
:iconslipknotcats2:slipknotcats2 1 0
DNA on a Plastic-Corpse :iconneo4444:neo4444 2 0 Sad Trap :iconneo4444:neo4444 1 0 new oc . David :icons3np4i--4na:s3np4i--4na 17 9
The Gender Tag: What is my gender?
Hello Everyone! 
It's me, Loulabelle / Lou Lou and I have been tagged by DeiscanSEISEI to complete this tagged meme about gender, so here I go!
I hope you all enjoy this journal.
1. How do you self-identify your gender, and what does that definition mean to you?
Realistically, I really don't care if people consider me a female or a male or neither. I've previously mentioned myself as someone who really does not have a major interest in labelling myself gender wise, biologically I am a female which I do not mind stating since I feel regardless it shouldn't change people's perception of me.
2. What pronouns honour you?
I go by any pronouns, the only pronouns I've ever been discomforted by are the it pronouns really, since it makes me feel like... I don't know like I am not really a person. I'm not really someone who uses the pronouns known mostly by some non-binary, I mostly stick to just simple pronouns like he, she and they. 
Most people r
:iconloulabeiie:LoulabeIIe 6 3
When Mouths Were Free :iconneo4444:neo4444 3 0



DeiscanSEISEI's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

.:Chibi Gin Rummy Icon:. by Yazzy-Quinn

I'm DeiscanSEISEI, but please call me Negative. As you can see, I'm a traditional artist and also an indie masks maker. Althought I do not live of my passions, I have the goal of becoming a tattoo artist. I'm self-thaught; everything from my drawings, pictures and mask were made by myself at 100% I didn't had any classes or teachers to teach me how to draw or create crafts. Most of my creations are either gore or inspirated by a musician or a band that I enjoy. So if gore isn't your cup of tea, you may not like my stuffs. My art isn't perfect, so if you think there is something I could change (Not my art-style in general) like my anatomy, coloring skills etc... Please let me know in the comment section of my art or you can also note me. I'm French, but I also speak English, so I'm comfortable writing in both languages. I want to remain Anonymous in general, my name/face/other informations of mine aren't important, so please do not doxe me, ask my real name or spam me for wanting to know it. I don't go by any pronous in general, because apparently prounous are super important. That's all about me.

Want to ask questions? Please note me or contact me on my other social medias!

Have a (sic) day, in the metal way of course, Good Bye!

For more Information about request read this:…

Informations About My Masks:…

I do not make Adopts for the momment.

You can't use my drawings or my masks without my writted permission!
My drawings or masks aren't for sale or for trade!
You can't use my characters/OCs!
My characters/OCs aren't for sale or for trade!

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you'll have a good time on my profile!



Sorry for the lack of art, or good quality artworks.
I took a personnality test, I'm a INTJ, which means only 2% of the Earth population is like me. Or 0,8% of women are like me. Yay I'm a special snowflake .u.
I woke up next to a spider, it wasn't Spiderman.
It's gonna be a beautiful day :)
Almost 200 views on my Flithy Flesh mask!
Filthy Flesh by DeiscanSEISEI


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omg thanks for the points ;v;

altho i had already gotten my core re-new xD
i guess that'll help with the second :v

thanks again .3.
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Misscherryangel Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
Your art is amazing! oh my gosh.. ;w; do you make custom designs?
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u like Mushroomhead
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Onyx-Philomel Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Best regards for the favorite.

The Spectator by Onyx-Philomel
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Drake-N-Willard Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
what if i told you that i listen to kanye west as well as behemoth?
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